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Order Management System

An order management system (OMS) is a software solution that streamlines and automates the process of receiving, processing, and fulfilling customer orders, ensuring efficient and accurate order handling. By optimizing order workflows, OMS helps businesses reduce errors, minimize order processing time, and improve overall operational efficiency.

  • Placing an order
  • Payments
  • Packing and Delivery
  • Order and Delivery Tracking
  • Customer returns and refunds
  • Sales Details
  • Collection details
  • Stock management
  • OMS with Accounting software Integration (Tally,etc.)
  • OMS with CRM integration
  • Mobile App
  • Customer creation/Database
  • Shopping cart
  • Order search
  • Order edit
  • Order placing
  • Invoice generating
  • Order sharing
  • Payment recording
  • Phone/Manual order entry
  • Order history management
  • Customer search
  • Customer edit
  • Pending Bills
  • Collection Report
  • Easily Switch to Sales executive, Packing executive, Delivery boy